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Client centricity as guideline for banks of the future

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The transformation of banks to client-oriented service providers is focused on in our ongoing research work. This transformation consists of an analysis of future client demands and needs, the creation of business models which go beyond those of a single bank as well as the adoption of new IT service solutions in banks.

Under the direction of Fraunhofer IAO, numerous well-known banks and service providers of the banking sector combine their expertise to answer selected questions concerning the future of the national banking sector.

The goal is to develop groundbreaking and practicable solutions not only for the »bank of the future«, but also for the »banking of the future«.

For the different areas within a bank, such as sales, back office, processes and IT services, outstanding solutions are to be created in close cooperation with our partners. In the course of this cooperation, we consider technological and organizational innovations as well as economic, technological and client-oriented aspects.

Basic to our work is an integrated view of banks in their economic, political and social environment. The following research areas are covered by our work:

Trend surveys »Bank & Zukunft«

  • Analysis of long-run trends and their consequences on the financial sector
  • Identification of the German and European banking sector’s current developments
  • Description of best practices of innovative banking concepts and approaches to realize them
  • Trend surveys for end customers (private banking and corporate banking)

»Banking Foresight Management« - Identifying trends, evaluating implications, deriving strategies

  • Strategy and trend management
  • Evaluation of trends and Business Impact Analyses
  • Trend radar for banks

»Banking Business Development« - Identifying market opportunities, knowing the clients, generating new business models

  • Development of methods to find customer-oriented solutions for the »Future Banking«
  • Development of future customer profiles and customer interaction processes
  • Methods to develop innovative business and operator models
  • Methods to measure efficiency in the sales channel

»Banking Business Engineering« - Knowing needs, developing services, designing networks

  • Configuration of target-group-oriented service development processes
  • Solutions for establishing innovative business models and value added structures
  • Methods to evaluate and optimize partner networks
  • Development of new leadership concepts for the sustainable management of banks