How will customers/clients experience banks in the future?

Customers’ demands of their banks concerning bank-customer-relationship, innovations, agility as well as efficiency require the development and the use of new methods and solutions in organizing and in technology.

With the innovation forum »Bank & Zukunft«, we accept this challenge and work together with our project partners on a new constitution of banks, ready to face the future. The goal of this collaboration is to explore and implement trend setting concepts and practicable solutions for the »bank of the next generation«.

Well-known banks and service providers of the banking sector combine - under the direction of Fraunhofer IAO - their knowledge and expertise to gain a steady competitive advantage by means of innovative approaches. In this context, different customer categories (retail banking, private banking, business and corporate banking) as well as different structural areas within the banks (strategy, sales, organization and IT services) are addressed. In the course of an integrated and sustainable proceeding, organizational, technological and economic aspects from supplier side and customer side constitute the cooperative research process. The innovation forum addresses all German and international banks.


Trend survey »Bank & Zukunft 2016«

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The trend survey »Bank & Zukunft 2016« has started. We´re looking forward to your participation and your support: